Parents and players,

We are very excited to announce our 2019-2020 coaching staff. We welcome new coaches and say thank you to some coaches leaving us.

In total we now have every coaching staff member with US Soccer coaching licenses, which we value highly. We boast 2 A-licenses, 3 B-licenses, 6 C-licenses, 11 D-licenses and 8 E-licenses. This is really impressive and shows our commitment to coach education as much as player development.

  • Director of Coaching - Adam Gee
  • Girls Director - Steve Burgess
  • Goal Keeper Director - Mark Dawson



02BW Greg Nimchan
03BW Alex Eden / Levent Guler
04BW Ty Brewer / Levent Guler
04BN Danny Aronstam
05BW Riffin Kajangu / Rodrigo Suarez
05BN Danny Aronstam
06BW EJ Raftery
07BW Kris Steeves
07BN Diego Ona
PBU EJ Raftery
08BW Riffin Kajangu
08BN Kody Drake
08BV Diego Ona
09BW EJ Raftery
09BN Kris Steeves
09BV Danny Aronstam
10BW Stephen Arbuzow
10BN Mark Bowes
10BV Alex Monsalve
11BW Vinnie Cainth
11BN Kody Drake
11BV Ty Brewer
12BW Kris Steeves
01GE Hillary Carney
01-02GW Andi Wilson
03GW Eric Arbuzow / Steve Burgess
04GW Rodrigo Suarez
05GW Kris Steeves
05GN Craig Mooney
06GW Steve Burgess
06GN Whitney Brydge
07GW Amy Vaughan
07GN Vinnie Cainth
08GW Craig Mooney
08GN Emma Holmskov
09GW Greg Nimchan
09GN Whitney Brydge
10GW Melissa Vitagliano
10GN Emma Homslov
11GW Melissa Vitagliano
12GW Emma Holmskov